Tushar Tyagi

Developer, reader, and learner.

Hello, I’m Tushar. #

I like software development, clean and extensible design, programming languages,and playing computer games from the previous decades.

This website consists of an ongoing collection of posts about the topics which interest me.

Mac: It just (doesn't) work

Last week I received a new Macbook Pro from my workplace to replace the old one. I had an absolutely terrible experience trying to set it up …

Money: Book Review

Rating 5/5 This is a pretty interesting book which outlines how the face of money has changed since the ancient times. There are some great …

Efficiency, Hardware and Consumer Choice

How effective would the manufacturers be if they were given the same choice they give to the customers of their hardware -- no choice at all.

Manufacturing Consent

Book Review: Manufacturing Consent

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

Book Review: Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

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