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May 2024 #

Nature has always fascinated me, and the question why I’m here and what to do since I’m here has been an intriguing one. So every once in a while I try to pick up some books which highlight the fact that we’re still searching for these answers, and while we’re searching for them it’s ok to be awestruck by whatever little knowledge we have.

These days I’m reading (or revisiting) quite a few books about where we came from.

Last year I read The Universe Within, and The Vital Question which were excellent books not only because they try to answer some of these questions, but also because the authors were so passionate about these topics that it was so clearly visible in the books. I’m re-reading the same books, along with Transformer (the next book by Nick Lane), and Some Assembly Required (the next book by Neil Shubin)

Transformer book cover Some Assembly Required book cover