I hope what I am writing here makes sense, but I believe – from whatever life experience that I have – that an overly technical brain is somewhat good for the professional life, but is not so good when it comes to understanding the world surrounding us. And the world includes everything from not so living things to most of the living things (e.g. people).

Somewhat good for the professional life, because no matter in which profession you are in, the limits of understanding the field is almost impossible, which is a good thing because that means a lot of development might happen in that area, and this is good for everyone. In any case, being technical means that you have the ability to draw signal out of noise, focus on the right things without being bogged down by superstitions, and reach conclusions faster since the previous two reasons state that the mind is cleaner. This doesn’t mean that I am something like that, because level of being technical can vary wildly from one extreme to another.

Not so good for anything else because not everything follows these technical laws. The universe follows some weird laws, and some of these are out of the limits of human understand (at least for now). And people ofcourse don’t follow what is largely technically right, they just follow each other; reading just about any psychological book will tell you that.

Now the problem, and the question is, since people are not technically correct generally, does that not mean that I am also not correct generally? Me not being correct most of the time is wrong, as per myself and Dunning-Krudger, who say that people misinterpret themselves all the time. They follow what is technically right according to them, but what would they know?

Anyhow, we were talking about life and how technicalities rip the joy out of it. Universe, which makes up almost everything around us doesn’t give two shits about what is going on here, it is largely empty. People, who make up large parts of this planet, also don’t give two shits of what is going around them. Everyone is pretty self-indulgent so that most of the people around them don’t matter. From these people, there are some true technical people like me, who have read a few books here-and-there, have a technical background, and are pissed off as to why others behave the way they do. Can’t they read the same things I have read, think the same way I do, behave the same way and make the world a bit more stable? But they can’t; because there is another guy (or girl) in this world who is thinking along the same lines, at exactly the same moment I am writing these lines, hoping that the world ought to behave the way they want it to be because he (or she!) is some special snowflake.

But ha!, I say, if only life was so simple and he (or she) so special that they could make a dent in the world. There are a few who do, and largely those who do not, and realising this (apart from the fact that we are specks in the grand scheme (if there was any) of things), because one is a bit technical is enough to give one existential crisis in their late 20s. Fermi asked “Where is everybody?", I can ask “Why is everybody so…?".

And that is a difficult question to answer, and being technical means that you just might try to find the answer to that when you get the time out of your other technical activities. Or you just might go back to the elders and stop getting bothered by it at all. This is something which I try to do, to keep my mind sane a little bit, given that the universe and the human population is far too much, and far too out of my understanding.