Book Review: Lessons In Chemistry

The book was about how a brilliant women works her way through seemingly impossible challenges (almost getting raped, thrown out of college, discredited from work, having her research stolen, losing her partner, being a broke single mom, having her reputation shot in the newspaper, etc.). Although this was a work of fiction, and the writer had a successful career herself, the times and places in the book feel real, especially because Science wasn't (isn't?) very welcoming to women. It's unfortunate that brilliant people are simply rejected and ignored by people (men?) in power. Seems like every book about Science that I read has a story about how women were second class citizens:

It was a wonderful book to read, and pretty much a page turner. When I started it I found the writing a bit verbose, and story a bit jumpy, but got used to it after the first few chapters, and developed an interest in the way story was presented.