Tens of million years ago, a seed was planted on the face of the earth and over all the time that seed gave birth to what we are today: humans. It took so much time for humans to evolve from our fickle minded ape ancestors, but the evolution hasn’t stopped and the human being still evolves over his lifetime.

Man is made to evolve, every aspect of his, mental, physical, spiritual is meant to change over time. The time works on a smaller scale, like decades when man changes the phases of his life, evolving from a child to a teenager, or from teenager to being an adult. All this time, his physical body goes through a metamorphosis, so does his mind. Millennia of evolution made man what he is today, decades of evolution makes a man what he is when he dies. And just like nature acted like a filter, selectively removing part which were not needed for evolution or survival, nature gave man a part of evolution, the mind to filter out ideas which he doesn’t need. And by using this machinery, the human mind, one can transcend to a whole new level. What one becomes is the sum total of ideas one has collected over the course of life. Evolution didn’t end when a human specimen was made by nature, or when human developed supreme intellect, it is still going on and will keep going on. The trick is to use it to our advantage.