December 2023 Reading List

December was a good month as I went on a vacation in the last couple weeks. I had enough downtime to read through a couple fiction/non-technical books that I could get my hands on.

The first one was The Handmaid's Tale which is a dystopian book by Margaret Atwood set in the US. It's based during a time when most of the men/women cannot have kids, the government has been destroyed after a civil war, and the people have been living under an autocratic regime where only the higher ups (Commanders) have access to women who have kids. It was a bit scary, and intense. The world building was remarkable, the story's frame of reference via the narrator (a women called Offred) zoomed in and out beautifully, and I was able to see the world from her eyes. The story ends on a cliffhanger, although the epilogue kind of touches on the fact that the world became a better place after many decades, with women's and human rights back.

The second one was John Dies In The End which was a fun book. It was a goofy story about two young dudes living in a broken Midwestern US town, doing what teenagers do, and getting caught up in interdimensional bullshit. I've heard about Lovecraftian horror but this was the first time that I was reading it knowing that this book belonged to the genre. I picked up the second part of the series and finished it over this week too.